Home Staging
PROPERTY REVIEW - help for the "Do It Yourself" seller:

The homeowner takes notes as we walk through the property. We advise on all issues that need to be addressed in order to ready
the home for the market. This can include color consultations for paint, editing and organizing tips for furniture, closets,
accessories, etc...Depending on the size of the house, the review takes anywhere from 1 1/2 - 3 hours complete.


This service includes the property review.  In addition we photograph the interior and exterior of the house. We then prepare a
detailed report, including referrals for 3rd party services. The second meeting is the presentation of our findings and you keep the
written report. Once the "To Do" list has been completed, we return for a final review.


These services include the written consultation plus:

For Occupied Homes:  While you are away, we transform your home into a house ready to go on the market. If additional         
furniture or accessories are needed, we can provide them at a monthly rental fee.  We are aware that you are living in the                
home and we make every effort to keep you comfortable while the house is for sale.  Through our Staging process you are                 
able to have your house "Show Ready" at a moments notice and you have a head start on packing!

For Vacant Houses:  We select furniture and accessories  in keeping with the style of the house. These items can be rented on a
monthly basis.  Our expertise in furniture placement and our finishing touches will highlight the best features of the house and
allow potential buyers that emotional connection.

RE-DESIGN IN A DAY - a fresh new look for your current home:

Together we use your existing home furnishing and create a new look for everyday living.  We can also purchase items specifically
for your home or simply use what you already have.  This service can include organizing, de-cluttering, color consultations and
referrals to the 3rd party services.
Our goal as a Professional Home Staging company is to get your house sold in the shortest amount of time and for the most money.
We create floor plans that guide potential buyers through the property and emphasize it's best features while minimizing any flaws.

We use proven techniques that are working in this difficult Real Estate market and always maintain high standards by providing
quality home furnishings, excellent service and "when you need it" staging!
buyers must be able to imagine  
themselves living in that house with
their belongings

Staging is the process of editing
down the contents and
de-personalizing the space, thereby
making that change from HOME to
HOUSE and finally to a PRODUCT
that will sell.
VACANT HOUSES  tend to cause
confusion for many potential buyers
because of the lack of an emotional
tie or memory when looking at the
house.  After a while, they "all look
the same".

By staging empty houses, we create
a more memorable and inviting
atmosphere that helps the buyer
remember features of that house.
The BEST impression is always the FIRST impression!